There are no uninteresting things...

COVID came for seconds, and it is making me feel horrible. I guess all I can say is, I was jealous of someone, and decided to step up my game. 😅🙈

Mike Pence declaring his presidential candidacy is a joke, just like Ron DeSantis, and Trump before them. But hey, look back at the four years we had to endure. Anything is possible. Yes, even that remotely unbelievable absurdity.

VisionPro is going to be something. But its true popularity will come down to its pricing, and how many games (yes, games) they get on-boarded. I am hopeful, though.


It will cost $3,500. When a meal for three on a not-super-fancy restaurant costs $260, it is easy to see how a TV, computer, and high definition camera all in one—and that barely starts to describe VisionPro—will cost that much.

Starting today I may not be around too often. I will have my hands busy on a certain controller, if you know what I mean…

The president of a nation that is waging a war on another (being the aggressor!) is saying that the Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow is “a clear sign of terrorist activity.” Allow me to pull out the tiniest of all violins in my collection, to play something for Putin.

CommonMark’s ability to set classes and identifiers is amazing. Hugo (which I use to generate this notes) is using it. They work like so, in CommonMark markdown:

Hello world.
{.foo .bar #foh}

Which, in turn, will render and HTML code like this:

<p class="foo bar" id="foh">Hello world.</p>

Now all you have to do is define the class and id on your CSS, or whatever. Neat, right?

While I might buy a couple of sandwiches from KFC to get the goodies, I am 100% sure I will not eat them. They will be donated.

Skynet looms on the nearby horizon. Time to see “Terminator” again!

“I think if this technology goes wrong, it can go quite wrong,” Mr. Altman told the Senate subcommittee. “We want to work with the government to prevent that from happening.”

Based on what I have seen of Landscape, and MAAS, I would say Red Hat doesn’t have to worry much about Canonical, when it comes to Linux on the enterprise.

From the SQLite license:

May you do good and not evil
May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others
May you share freely, never taking more than you give.

I can’t believe I got me a KFC chicken sandwich, just to get two in-game cosmetics for Diablo IV! What’s more mind boggling is that I will probably buy three more. 🙈

It’s not crypto, nor gaming, what’s doing it now, but the AI “rush”. Thus Nvidia reaches its $1T status.

Today’s Kim’s back to work first day, and I worry about how she will fare. She hasn’t sit for long periods of time in a while. I am worried, and curious. She got to work alright, I can see her there. I don’t want to message her, though, so I will have to wait till 18:00-19:00 when she comes home.

If I want the whole family to know about something almost instantly, I pick an aunt, and preface the something I am about to tell her with “I am confiding this to you but, please, let’s keep it between you and me”. 😂

The day is fast approaching. Imagine Christmas in June. Oh my! Fingers crossed and knock on wood, so I don’t get sick, or the TV doesn’t die, or—god forbid!—the PlayStation! 🤞🏻

Here goes a Sunday of doing absolutely nothing. And it has been good, so far. Tomorrow I will have coffee with mum and dad. And that’s all I have planned. Though, come to think of it, it would be prudent to mow the backyard now, and not let the weeds grow too big. So, maybe there is something else that I will do after all. Maybe.

Having such a lazy Sunday! Reading blogs, listening to Twitch. Talking about blogs, I am currently only following three:

After many years of following tech related blogs I grew tired of just that. It is refreshing to read things on a wider variety of topics, where tech might be in it, but not the main topic. If you have any recommendation, let me know! You can use the “@” next to the note time for that.

I have been meaning to mail a parcel for the last three months. I think today is it. Got to hurry, though.

“Memory can change the shape of a room; it can change the color of a car. And memories can be distorted. They’re just an interpretation, they’re not a record, and they’re irrelevant if you have the facts.”

Saw Memento yesternight. It was… different.

How is the Windows XP algorithm been cracked news? If someone offered me $10,000 to use Windows XP, I would pass.

Mum’s 79th birthday was the last day I drank alcohol (one beer). I shall not touch alcohol ever again. Not a grudge against it, I just didn’t like it much to begin with.

Obsidian is working so great for me, that has made me go out and look for things I want to keep, and catalogue, and enhance. On another note, it is past midnight, and I don’t feel a speckle of sleepiness. My body must know tomorrow… err, today is Saturday.

Everything in life can be a waste of time. Waste of time is a philosophical expression.

Feeling disappointed at my fellow human beings. Not all, of course. Though obvious, it is worth noting. And so, I will postpone going to sleep until I feel a bit better, or that melatonin I just took kicks in.

“This communication contains confidential, commercially sensitive information and is intended for the use of the addressee only. It should not be forwarded, copied, or otherwise disseminated without the express permission of the sender. If you received this communication in error, please forward it back to the sender and delete all copies.”

I always laugh at the stupidity of this.

If my Premium Netflix account ($21.52/month) allows for up to four devices watching at the same time, why will they care where the devices are? Seriously considering to bail out.

Going through a big FOMO with all these buy-to-have promotions that Blizzard is doing, in anticipation to the game’s release. I am sort of a completist, and can’t deal with promotions that require a $$$$ “investment” (for obvious reasons).

Because I needed to hurt myself a little bit today…

Truly wishing, and seriously considering, to take on drawing/painting classes. Now the question is, will I find any free of charge?

Having grown tired of seeing “Added or edited a note, or tweaked something.” on the commit logs for these notes, I have now tweaked the new note script to ask for a commit message. This is the maiden voyage, let’s see if it works.


It works! Added editing old notes too. Considering migrating from the vi editor to Typora for any note with media in it.

On caramelising onions, and the lies recipe writers tell:

In truth, the best time to caramelize onions is yesterday. Often enough, you need to have them ready before you can start on the rest of the dish.

That’s so true! Caramelising onions is also a test to anyone’s patience, for sure.

“Everyone wants a foldable phone, but most of us can’t afford one yet”, a headline on CNN. No, I don’t want one. Pff!

After eating too much on mum’s birthday, and not doing any cardio yesterday, and oversleeping today, I felt guilty and went out walking/running. It was not fun, with 30°C temperature. Showered and fresh, I feel great now. Not for long, now Kim wants me on errands. Heeeeelp!

Not long ago I found someone’s Notion’s site. Notion allows you to publish your notes on the web, and create a rather homogeneous site. That person’s site was very interesting and, following the web fashion, I went from person to person—all of them on Notion—reading their daily stories, their journals. True journals. It was so interesting! Then I lost track—you know, you close tabs, you stop for a while, and then it is all gone. I have been longing to find them again ever since. I have searched, follow links leading no where, to my despair. I still haven’t lost hope, though.

Mum is 79 years old today. Wow! I know it is not a super advanced age, but I wish I could get to her age, with her health.

Weekend, here we go again. What would it be this time? I will settle for nothing!

Kim today; “The Holy Land is being demolished”. Me; “Oh nooo! Anyway, how was your day?” :-D

I have not mentioned my namesake David before, but I have followed him for a long time, and his videos always have something new, something I missed. I just re-watched this one today.

It was recently on the news that the IRS is building his own online tax filing system. A spokesman—from the company behind TurboTax—reply was simply unbelievable:

“A direct-to-IRS e-file system is wholly redundant and is nothing more than a solution in search of a problem,” said Rick Heineman, a spokesman for Intuit, the company behind TurboTax. “That solution will unnecessarily cost taxpayers billions of dollars and especially harm the most vulnerable Americans.”

As a commenter on Hacker News paraphrased:

“A fence around the chicken coop is wholly redundant and is nothing more than a solution in search of a problem,” said Sly the Fox. “It will unnecessarily cost the farmer thousands of dollars and especially harm the most vulnerable chickens.”

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Thanks to Claud I am now binging Hall and Oates. I might not be having coffee, but they sure help a lot whilst working! :-)

Precisely how I feel without the cursing. If I want to play, stare at the clouds, walk around and smell flowers (or whatever!); there is never time wasted. It is my time. I will pick how to use it.

If everything were to happen the way you want it, wouldn’t it be boring? It would be nice, though, if it happened at least once…

Started to watch A King’s affection last night. Upon seeing, on first episode, one of the twins being killed, I completely lost all desire to continue watching. Let’s see what Kim brings next.

The British monarchy—or any other, for that matter—is an absolute clown show. Can’t believe that in 2023 there are still “kings” and “queens”. Anyway, moving on.

I have used chopsticks for almost 25 years now. I feel more comfortable eating, and cooking, with chopsticks than I do with forks and spoons. When a spoon is needed, I also favour the “Chinese spoon”. And yes, I use the “standard grip”. I find it far superior to any other but, there are ten thousands ways to use chopsticks.

I am experiencing a time blend. That is, days are seemingly mashing together, and I am temporarily losing the notion of time. Not a good feeling, and it is driving those around me slightly nuts.

All tasks planned for the weekend completed. Monday came faster than I wanted, but that’s not new. Let’s see how this week goes. So far, so good!

And, so, the weekend begins. I have planned to mow the backyard today, but I am going to give my hands a break. Will do it tomorrow. Sunday I am passing by Ann’s to give her a hand moving some stuff from her garage to the attic. And that’s the weekend there. Yay! 😂

Seriously considering on getting a second PS5 controller. Then I will have to get a charging station, and a $70 thought becomes $100+. Just like that. Hmm.

Why would any associate justice on the US Supreme Court by exempt from the law? Why do they enjoy such impunity? Who watches the watchmen?

For someone who loves rice, this is suffering. LOL. I love it, but doing my best not to have it. Rice = carbohydrates = sugar. ¡Malo!

Last time I fell when running I was 13 years old. Today, past my 0x32s, I fell again also while running. I figure it isn’t a record, but a pretty good average, right? Knees, elbow, and hand. As in they were all eagerly waiting for their next turn. Kim asked “How?”, and I replied “I wish I could re-enact it for you, but it kind of hurts now.” 😂

Google Passkey is a step in the right direction. Setup, and in use. Smooth.

From Always be my Maybe (which I saw yesterday), spoken by Keanu Reeves:

“The man who embraces his mediocre nothingness shines greater than any”.

So funny! The movie might have low ratings, but it was entertaining. Thank you, Kim, for forcing me to watch it. I enjoyed it!

Maybe my kid is right. Maybe I am becoming a boomer. I mean, eventually everyone that isn’t one will become one. No shame on that, just a fact. 😜

I got an invite to Bluesky, and signed up. It reaffirmed my realisation: social media in general isn’t worth it. The same people following the same people. And I truly don’t know any of them. The same topics, the same memes. It is boring, unappealing, tiresome.

“Rapid Security Responses are a new type of software release for iPhone, iPad and Mac. They deliver important security improvements between software updates – for example, improvements to the Safari web browser, the WebKit framework stack or other critical system libraries. They may also be used to mitigate some security issues more quickly, such as issues that may have been exploited or reported to exist.” — Rapid Security Responses

This is new, at least for me, an interesting. There seems to be more to gain than to lose by installing, and enabling it. Done!

Referring to Mormons recruited into the FBI:

“The disproportionate number of Mormons is usually chalked up to three factors: Mormon people often have strong foreign language skills, from missions overseas; a relatively easy time getting security clearances, given their abstention from drugs and alcohol; and a willingness to serve.” — Why Mormons Make Great FBI Recruits

Willingness to serve is right. A rather blind willingness. Perfect!

Today’s, on a Team’s meeting while still driving home:

K.: “New microphone? 🙂”
Me: “In the car. 😂”
K.: “So, yes! 😄”

First time in three years that I had to join a meeting while commuting. Ran an errant for Kim at lunch, and extended a bit over.

The hype is real! We have till the game arrives. Sorry, I just feel like child awaiting Christmas. LOL.

Interesting how my “Technology” section on Google News is mostly games, and Apple news. I wonder if there are forces at play here (of course there are!).

Just realised that, ever since we started micro-managing our time in September 2021, I have worked over 40 hours every week consistently.

I have moved this one out of GitHub. With this move, I now do not have any website running on that service. It served me well for years, but now it is time to move on. It will remain my go to for git repositories, but nothing else.

For as much as I hate doing this, I believe—unless I find a way further down the line to bring in the old entries—this is a fresh start here. Why? Because the way I was crafting these little notes would not scale. At certain point I used Hugo, then wiped it by mistake (because I do idiotic things sometimes), and then I concocted this Frankenstein of a Bash script. The end result is a file that doesn’t allow for easy editing, nor it is portable. So, here we are.

This time I am starting over—again—with Hugo. Everything in life is ephemeral, and this is no different.

Japanese Knives

Such beautiful knives! I am in love. Maybe a year’s end gift? ;-)

I have never been good at writing. Short babbles? Yes. Writing, no so much. I think—and this is just me thinking, while avoiding folding the mountain of clothes waiting for me in the living room—it is time to put to rest.

Regarding to this, I gave all my items (gems, legendaries, crafting pieces, etc., including everything all my toons were wearing) to my nephew, and deleted the game. A game that severely penalises you for dying—as in going to zero from half level for three deaths—is not worth playing. I had other complaints, but that’s the one who got me fed up first. Unsubscribed from the subreddit as well. Ta-ta!

I think I have finally migrated my work wiki to Obsidian. After many tries, I have left my trusted Typora (which I still use, just not to keep my wiki) behind and embraced Obsidian. Now I only use two tools for note taking, knowledge repository, and outlining: Obsidian, and Logseq.

Back to this, I also have a more diverse theme in mind. Like this:

  • Boira (female rogue)
  • Morgana (female necromancer)
  • Annabelle (female sorcerer)
  • Attila (male barbarian)
  • Erwan (male druid)

Which of those themes do you prefer?

“Nobody should ever attempt to take the chocolate out of Willy Wonka! Ever!” before adding “For me, it is sacrosanct. It’s our history, it’s our cultural heritage. I do not believe in censorship in that way.” — Steven Spielberg

I believe there are certain things (and I siding with Spielberg) that we must leave, as a semi-permanent reminder of past stupidities, cruelties, etc. We can change who we are, but must never forget who we were.

I almost made the mistake to get knee deep into “Path of Exile”. It would have been something to regret. Not really the game I would recommend for someone with OCD.

Referring to a previous entry, this is what I have, so far:

  • Hoshi (rogue)
  • Chihiro (necromancer)
  • Masako (sorcerer)
  • Kenji (barbarian)
  • Yamato (druid)

Still open to suggestions!

I am creating all toons for all classes upon the arrival of Diablo IV. They will be Barbarian (male), Sorceress (female), Druid (male), Rogue (female), and Necromancer (female). I am going with a Japanese theme on names. Based on that, which names would you recommend? Please let me know.

Happy birthday, Claud! 🎂🥳 May you celebrate many, many, many-many more in good health and happiness! ❤️🌹

After eating too many dishes with sticky rice yesterday, and feeling guilty about it, I decided to have a ham and cheese sandwich on black German bread, and a glass of naturally sweetened pineapple juice, as my only meal today.