I have been dabbling with twtxt these days—and that is, perhaps, the reason I have not been around here as I used to be. But, as with everything, I am starting to get bored with it as well. Nothing lasts forever, right? That is the thing, I am bored with almost everything these days. That’s… no bueno.

Not truly ready to start this week. I admit, it is Monday, and Monday is not precisely the day to make sound assertions on how the starting week will go, but I know it is going to be one of those. And by one of those I mean one I will not like. Yet, I will be lived.

Not really expecting too much to come from this, but:

“The White House now is authorizing the National Archives to turn over an initial batch of documents that fell under a broad category requested by the committee, covering Trump’s actions and communications on Jan. 6, including his rally at The Ellipse on White House grounds, and subsequent meetings and communications throughout the day.”

📰 NBC News

These days everything and everyone asks for review, a survey, or a feedback. Everything. Shop something? Feedback/review. How we did it? What can we improve? Go to the doctor’s? Another. If you do above and beyond, more than really expect, you will hear from me. Same if you do really bad. Now, if everything is OK, as expected, why feedback? 😒

Yes, that’s a cat. You can move it with your arrow keys (desktop, of course), and jump down/up as well. She will not die, but once at the bottom she might not be able to go back to the top, without a window reload. Yes, it is the mere definition of being bored. 😂

This decision of mine of no eating unless the child does I am going to regret. Or it will make me really skinny. Or it will kill me. Either way, I am already feeling the regret part, but I will not back out.

Day off today, and I don’t know what to do. Have I been institutionalised? Mum isn’t in town, so I can’t go drink her tea 😂. What to do, what to do? Doing nothing is good too, I just don’t want to do nothing.

Saturday flew by, and Sunday doesn’t want to be left behind. Where did the time go? There is no present, just past and future. Present is truly fleeting, to be point of barely existing.

Amazon’s new game, New World looks very interesting. It is not playable on my current computer, so I will have to buy a new one to play it. Is any game worth of such an investment? I can’t justify it, but kind of want to play it. Hmm, yes, first world problems.

🥳 It is Friday, yayyyyy! Nothing out of the ordinary planned for weekend at all, but the upcoming two days—almost completely disconnected—are always “the light at the end of the tunnel.”

I will see pretty Blue Eyes tomorrow, and help her upgrade to iOS 15. This weekend we will also have two episodes of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, for which we have waited the whole week. Maybe we will watch Squid Game too.

Today is “mowing the lawn day”, and I can already feel the heat, and the sweat wetting every piece of my clothes already. Yet, it has to be done, so there is no point on giving it much thought. As soon as 16:00 hits, I shall be outside doing my “duty.” 🥵

Lunch time. Hmm… let’s see. Baked broccoli it is! No salt, just some olive oil, and Italian spices. Wanted some tuna salad, but no lettuce (romaine is my favourite to eat with tuna salad), so that will have to wait.

We had had someone pressure washing the driveway, and sidewalks, for the last two hours. If he finishes soon he would have netted $50/hour. My back hurts just thinking of the last time I did it. 😥

Because of this I will have to do the entire walking this afternoon. I missed tea time yesterday, and it looks like I will miss it again today. I hope mum doesn’t get mad.

The question now, at this very moment, the one that remains: what to cook tonight? I dread evenings—above all—because of that question, and the quest for an acceptable answer.

The fancy cookie that is normally a Friday treat was consumed today. I did it for two reasons: it doesn’t matter which day I eat it, as long as it is only one day per week; it will be a test to see how well I can control myself come Friday, and Friday is already special, no need for a cookie to make it more so. Alas, three reasons!

Over four years paying for, and trying to use, a product that hasn’t really worked. I believe our time as angel investors has come to an end.

“Death is that state in which one exists only in the memory of others, which is why it is not an end. No good-byes. Just good memories.”

On git configuration, there is a local and a global. I tend to forget the first. The barebones:

git config "your-user-name"
git config "your-email-addr"


git config --global "your-user-name"
git config --global "your-email-addr"

The first will apply to the current repository, the second to all. Local configuration bumps global.

My life has turned into an endless worrying. Not as much for me, but my offspring. Still a bit for me, as my offspring needs me. So I worry twice. Not a good feeling.

About importing old notes, and making the URLs work… forget about it! Too much work and, truth be told, not worth it. Notes are fleeting, just like thoughts. Sorry for breaking everything! 😞

A few days ago I saw on Hacker News, and I liked the simplicity of it, which is something I have experimented with before. I created an account, and promptly spawned my own thoughts.

Wanting more control, I went and grabbed the script that started it all, and quickly setup my own “thoughts”, calling them “notes”—because that is more accurate to what they are. Things seemed well, until I decided to tinker with formatting other than CSS. The little script, albeit simple, didn’t really scale well. That’s when I decided to use a static site generator to replace it, which bring me here. This now gets generated by Hugo.

I am going to work to import the old notes, and accept the old URLs, but it is going to take some time. For now, a fresh start.

“Only when the last tree is cut down, the last ocean poisoned, and the last fish eaten, will we realise we can’t eat money.”